All PSVR 2 games releasing in January 2024

All PSVR 2 games releasing in January 2024

The year is off to a good start for Playstation VR 2, with the following VR titles coming to Sony's VR headset in January.

The following VR games are listed in chronological order by release date.

Please note that the following list is not necessarily complete, as some VR games may be announced later in the month or pushed to the next month.

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With date

Vertigo 2

Vertigo 2 is one of the best VR games of 2023 and the second major PSVR 2 release in January alongside Bulletstorm VR.

You take on the role of a humanoid alien who wakes up deep underground in the vastness of a quantum reactor and must find his way home. Along the way, you'll meet a variety of crazy characters and battle bizarre alien flora and fauna that have invaded from other universes, as well as security forces tasked with ridding the reactor of all life.

Vertigo 2 was released in the spring of 2023 for PC VR headsets. The PSVR 2 version has already been delayed twice. Publisher Perp Games is expected to announce the final release date today (see Twitter).

Update: In the meanwhile, here's a hands-on with Vertigo 2 on PSVR 2.

Toy Trains (January 16)

Official description:

"Toy Trains is a playful track-building game with a nostalgic yet heartwarming storyline. Use your logic skills and imagination to construct trails and create your own small world. All that while enjoying cozy and relaxing vibes. Rediscover building rails in a modern way. Each map has many possible solutions - you need to stay sharp, but can get as creative as you want!"


Bulletstorm VR (January 18)

Bulletstorm VR is a VR port of the classic shooter from 2011. Incuvo describes the game as follows:

"Bulletstorm VR is a brutal first-person shooter that puts you in the ass-kicking boots of the hotheaded space mercenary Grayson Hunt. Get the hands-on creative carnage experience with classic, fast-paced gunplay and devastating melee combos powered by fully redesigned controls for Virtual Reality."

Without date


Official description:

"Step into the most visually stunning voxel universe, custom-crafted for the unparalleled immersion of VR. Explore a massive world, gather resources, naturally craft with your hands in 3D, and build anything you can imagine!"

CyubeVR was supposed to be released before Christmas (see Twitter). We hope to see it in January. The following trailer is from the year 2020.

Ultrawings 2

Ultrawings 2 is an open-world flying game featuring five different aircraft (including a helicopter) in which you must overcome a variety of challenges. The title also features a combat-heavy campaign and online dogfights.

The VR game was scheduled for release in late 2023. The studio promises a release "early next year" on Twitter.


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