Playstation VR 2: Kayak VR gets a beautiful Christmas makeover

Playstation VR 2: Kayak VR gets a beautiful Christmas makeover

Anyone playing Kayak VR: Mirage on Playstation VR 2 these days will be in for a graphically stunning Christmas surprise.

In a YouTube trailer, the team shows what players can expect: There is snow in King's Canyon, a string of lights decorates the canyon, fireworks explode in the winter sky, and even Santa Claus flies by in his sleigh. All in beautiful graphics.

PC VR fans will be familiar with this version of the map from last Christmas, while PSVR 2 owners will see it for the first time this year. The environment will be available until January 17, 2024, after which the sunny version King's Canyon will return.

Kayak VR Mirage: What happened to the roadmap?

The VR game was released on Steam in 2022, and was a launch title for Playstation VR 2 the following year. The three-person studio promised new environments and a multiplayer mode, which have yet to materialize.

On the VR game's Discord server, the developers comment on the status of the roadmap.

"As serene and chill as the game itself is, the development of any game is really stressful, and ours was no exception. Getting Kayak VR to the finish line - first in July last year, and then again in February with the launch of the PSVR2 - was really magic and rewarding, but it also took its toll on the three of us. As much as we wanted to keep firing through at the same speed we had been, we are at the core still very mortal.


We’ve gotten things mostly back on the rails now, but this year has not been as productive as we would have liked it to be. In our enthusiasm to make the game better we spread ourselves thin trying to (unsuccessfully, for now) port the game to Unreal Engine 5, work on your most requested features from the roadmap and a new environment."

On Twitter, the team writes that they are working hard on these things and that there will be news in the “coming months”. On the Trello board of the roadmap, the medium-term goals include a multiplayer mode, new environments and a simulation of arms, hands, and torso.

Kayak VR: Mirage can be purchased for $23 in the Playstation Store and on Steam.

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