The PSVR 2 cable bothers you? This fan built a crazy crane to deal with it

The PSVR 2 cable bothers you? This fan built a crazy crane to deal with it

Think running VR cables from the ceiling is too much work? Check out this motorized crane.

VR fans are very creative when it comes to making virtual reality more immersive and comfortable. If you follow the scene or read MIXED regularly, you know that VR enthusiasts are always coming up with new ideas, tricks and hacks to make the technology even better or easier to use.

This morning in the PSVR 2 subreddit, I came across another particularly impressive example. An unknown VR enthusiast with the Youtube name LocoLimbo has taken ceiling-based VR cable management to a new level.

This fan apparently has not only the passion and the will, but also the necessary engineering knowledge and designed a motorized crane that follows your head movements. This way, the cable always hangs down on the back of your head and doesn't get in the way when you're playing.

There is also a "light version"

A second Youtube video shows how much effort went into making the crane. You can see the CAD design, a CNC plasma cutter in action, a variety of plates, screws and mechanical parts, as well as a sensor and other electronics. It's also worth noting that despite all these parts, the machine is barely audible.


According to the video description, not all of the system's features are enabled. The crane is also said to be able to extend and retract its arm, presumably for room-filling VR games. A more recent video shows a "light version "of the crane without this feature, which is said to be easier to build and doesn't require a 3D printer or special tools. You can download the CAD plans on Github.

Some might argue that this is a classic case of trying to crack a nut with a sledgehammer. But I'm sure the young engineer took great pleasure in implementing and proving his idea. For the rest of us, let's hope Sony finds a way to get rid of the cable altogether with the next iteration of the Playstation VR.

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