Proof of the Apple XR headset, PSVR 2 sales & Google Earth VR

Proof of the Apple XR headset, PSVR 2 sales & Google Earth VR

Apple is actually showing off a VR/AR headset in a few days. Meanwhile, Sony is selling numerous PSVR 2 headsets.

Apple headset really coming, Pimax Crystal on the way, and Nreal is now Xreal

It's official: Apple is inviting VR magazines to its WWDC 2023 developer conference for the first time. What this means is obvious: Apple is really going to unveil its VR/AR headset. Meanwhile, Pimax finally manages to ship its hybrid Crystal headset, but still without the standalone mode. And because Epic thinks that the name Nreal could be confused with the Unreal Engine, Nreal replaces the N with an X.

Sony is showing off new games for PSVR 2, which is selling better than PSVR 1

Last Wednesday's Playstation Showcase was - as always - a controversial thing, both for flat gamers and VR enthusiasts. Not enough games, the games shown not good enough, or the other way around: great games were announced. At least one legend is coming back for VR: Arizona Sunhine is entering the second phase.

And while various media whisperers were talking about terrible sales figures for PSVR 2, Sony is now presenting the real numbers. It looks pretty good for the new VR headset, considering how much effort was put into advertising and marketing the PSVR 2.

Google Earth coming soon to Quest & Co? And: Understanding Autism with VR

Google Earth VR on Steam is still one of the most impressive VR applications around. Unfortunately, Google has stopped caring about it a long time ago. New developments could soon make a version for standalone VR headsets possible. Fingers crossed!


More importantly, we need to understand our fellow human beings and the challenges they face. One campaign aims to bring more awareness and understanding of autistic people using VR.

OpenAI and the EU: Leave or stay?

OpenAI first says they plan to leave Europe if the EU AI Act isn't tweaked. Shortly thereafter, Altman assures that ChatGPT will, of course, not abandon the Europeans. Instead, OpenAI plans to comply with the upcoming regulations. Meanwhile, Google is rolling out its new “Search Generative Experience” to early users.

Read more AI news in the trade magazine THE DECODER.

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