Possible new VR headset Pico 4S could have more RAM than Meta Quest 3

Possible new VR headset Pico 4S could have more RAM than Meta Quest 3

Pico's next step? The 4S headset could use the Meta Quest 3's Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, but have more RAM than the competition.


A publicly available CPU benchmark result suggests that a possible Pico 4S will have the same chipset as the Meta Quest 3, but paired with more RAM.

VR enthusiast Luna, who recently posted details about a possible new Quest 3S, posted the Geekbench result on X (formerly Twitter).

The post shows a performance comparison of the Quest 3 with a headset called "Pico A9210". Both devices have two 2.05 GHz cores and four 2.36 GHz cores. However, the Quest 3 achieves 20% higher single-core performance and 5% higher multi-core performance.


While the Quest 3 has 8 GB of RAM, the Pico A9210 is specified with 12 GB of RAM. This means that the new Pico could be superior to the Quest 3 in terms of performance on the device, which could also have a positive effect on the use of textures with higher resolution and more detail.


New attempt by Pico?

According to reports, Pico has cancelled the development of a successor to the Pico 4, but intends to release an improved version of the Pico 4 — the Pico 4S. Photos of ringless controllers have already been posted on a Chinese forum. So far there are no details about the technical features of the device.

Pico owner Bytedance acquired the VR company in early 2021 for an alleged $1.3 billion to emulate Zuckerberg's Metaverse vision. In 2023, Bytedance reversed course and laid off more than half of Pico's employees.

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