You can now play Portal 2 in virtual reality

You can now play Portal 2 in virtual reality

Thanks to an unofficial VR mod, Portal 2 is now fully playable in virtual reality, including full motion controls.

A developer named Gistix released the initial version of his VR mod yesterday, and following feedback, version 0.1.1. has already been released, fixing several issues.

The VR mod supports the single-player mode, motion controls for portal gun and grabbable objects, as well as workshop content. By default, 3DoF (rotational movement) is enabled, 6DoF (translational movement) must be enabled in a config file (config.txt, 6DOF=true) inside the VR folder.

A video (see below) shows the VR mod in action during the first 20 minutes of the game.

The Portal 2 VR mod isn't finished yet

Unlike the Half-Life 2 VR mod, Gistix's mod has not yet been approved by Valve and therefore cannot be released on Steam as an official VR mod for the game.

The project started in May and is based on the Left 4 Dead 2 VR mod. According to the Github description, the VR mod still has some issues: The in-game menus don't work properly, and proper 6DoF and roomscale VR need to be reimplemented.


For those eager to try the mod, be aware that the jump pads and portals can cause motion sickness for those susceptible. So be careful.

Below you will find the most relevant links to the Portal 2 to VR mod:

Fans of the original may be wondering if there is a similar VR mod for the first Portal. The answer is: unfortunately not. According to a tweet addressing the question, the Portal VR mod is essentially done, but built on Portal SDK, which Valve hasn't given specific permission to release yet.

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