Polish dirty cars all day in this VR game for Meta Quest 2

Polish dirty cars all day in this VR game for Meta Quest 2

Take on mud and dirt with a virtual steam jet. This car wash simulator lets you live out your cleaning obsession in VR.

The Car Detailing Simulator for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro is for gamers who want to fight virtual dirt. In a VR garage, you have all the tools at your disposal to restore the dirtiest cars in VR history to their former glory.

Seats, engine, and chassis: nothing stays dirty here

According to the developers, you will not only be able to blow the dirt off the VR bonnet, but also clean the interior and seats. A total of ten “dirt cars” will be available, with designs reminiscent of real-life classics. Everything from muscle cars to sleek sports cars are included.

For really dirty cars, you can even remove the tires and start washing the undercarriage. Even the engines can be removed and cleaned. Of course, you don't have to clean cars for free. Each job brings fresh money into the cash register, which you can use to keep your business running.


If you can't wait to scrape the VR grime off the rims, you can download Car Detailing Simulator from the Meta Quest Store now for $19.99.

Simulator games also popular in VR

Simulators have long been popular in gaming. The prime example is the annually released Farming Simulator which comes to nearly every gaming platform. There are also some very successful simulator games in virtual reality, but they don't always shine with stiff realism. Developer Owlchemy Labs, for example, made a name for itself with the not-so-serious Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator.

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