PlayStation VR: Sony and Ubisoft bring PSVR titles to the new PS Plus

PlayStation VR: Sony and Ubisoft bring PSVR titles to the new PS Plus

Sony's transition of PlayStation Plus brings some popular VR oldies to the subscription service's catalog of games, including from Ubisoft.

Starting June 23, Sony's games subscription PlayStation Plus will switch to a three-tier pricing model. The basic "Essential" model (12 months / $60) is roughly equivalent to the old PlayStation Plus. It includes discounts, cloud storage, the option to play online, and a handful of monthly games that can be downloaded at no additional cost.

For fans of virtual reality, the two more expensive subscription variants of PlayStation Plus are interesting: "Extra" (12 months / $100) and "Deluxe" (12 months / $120) offer access to more titles for PS5 and PS4. Some of these PS4 games support the original PSVR.

New PlayStation Plus with VR oldies

Among them is the great racing game WipEout Omega Collections. Much smaller, but also worth mentioning, is the VR mode in the touching action-adventure Concrete Genie, in which you beautify your surroundings. Big exclusive gems like Astro Bot: Rescue Mission are still missing for now.

On Monday, Ubisoft also announced that it is contributing some titles to the revamped PlayStation Plus. The games, under the "Ubisoft+ Classics" label, are also included in the PS Plus "Extra" and "Deluxe" price tiers. For PlayStation VR, for example, the bird flight game Eagle Flight is included.

With the science-fiction simulation Star Trek: Bridge Crew and the shooter Space Junkies, even two early classics of VR multiplayer games are represented. Space Junkies has been suffering from orphaned servers for quite some time, but new subscription players could breathe new life into the fast-paced duels. The psycho adventure Transference, which can optionally be played in VR, is also included.


PSVR library should still grow for PSVR 2

In the end, there aren't that many PSVR titles in Sony's upcoming premium subscriptions. Games for PlayStation VR2 could be added in the future, but there are no official announcements on that yet. Ubisoft wants to expand its included "Ubisoft+ Classics" program to 50 titles by the end of 2022. At launch on June 23, 27 games are available.

Later, the "Ubisoft+" game subscription is also expected to come to PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Click here for the list of confirmed games for the new PlayStation Plus as well as "Ubisoft+ Classics".

"PlayStation Plus Deluxe," by the way, also offers streaming of traditional PlayStation games, some from older Sony consoles. As part of the conversion, Sony has practically integrated its old streaming service "PS Now" into the new model.

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