Reddit user shows simple comfort hack for Playstation VR 2

Reddit user shows simple comfort hack for Playstation VR 2

Is your VR headset uncomfortable or slipping? No problem: As always, VR enthusiasts know how to help themselves.

Reddit user u/CarlosRM82 is one of those people who was born with an imperfect head shape. At least when it comes to the ergonomic and optical requirements of his Playstation VR 2.

He has to tighten the head mount very firmly to get and keep the perfect viewing angle. This so-called sweet spot is known to be tiny in the device, especially compared to the first Playstation VR.

Of course, comfort will suffer if the headband is too tight. So far, u/CarlosRM82 has used beanies and sport bands to keep his vision clear and prevent the VR headset from slipping down his forehead.

Until he came up with a better solution: He made a top strap like the ones most VR headsets use. The parts you need are a long, soft strap and two cable ties, both with Velcro. You should be able to find something similar at a bigger hardware store or on Amazon.


A perfect solution does not exist (yet)

The improvised design eliminates the need to overtighten the headband and provides additional support for the headset. Both result in improved comfort. "For me, it's a game changer, and now I can get the sweet spot on the first try and not lose it, I'm very, very happy with the invention," writes u/CarlosRM82 on Reddit.

Utensils for the construction of an overhead band: a Velcro tape and two Velcro cable ties.

The parts used in the comfort hack. | Image: u/CarlosRM82

This example shows once again that there is no such thing as the perfect headband, since head and face shapes are very individual. I had a hard time getting used to the Playstation VR 2 comfort-wise, and I'm not the only one here at MIXED. Sony's Pulse 3D headset and a rather long period of getting used to the headset finally made me feel reasonably comfortable under the VR headset.

In the long run, the only way to solve the comfort problem is to make headsets smaller, lighter, and more customizable to the user's head. The Bigscreen Beyond VR headset is a first step in the right direction.

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