A Star Wars VR game dominated last month's PSVR 2 charts

A Star Wars VR game dominated last month's PSVR 2 charts

Star Wars: Tales of the Galaxy's Edge was the top-selling game for Playstation VR 2 in North America and Europe last month.


The Playstation Store top downloads are released once a month and give an idea of the sales success of the listed VR games compared to others. Most PSVR 2 titles are only available as digital downloads.

Below are the top downloads for April 2024, broken down by North America and EU regions:

Table with rankings of the PSVR 2 top downloads in the USA/Canada and Europe.

April 2024's top downloads in North America and Europe. | Image: Screenshot by MIXED


PSVR 2 owner benefited from a discount

April 2024 saw the release of a handful of new VR games for Playstation VR 2, including Apollo 13: The Lost Tapes VR, Big Shots, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, Mixture, OhShape Ultimate, Soul Covenant, and Umurangi: Generation VR. Unfortunately, none of these titles made it into the top downloads. Last month's big hit CyubeVR was also missing.

Star Wars: Tales of the Galaxy's Edge took the top spot in North America and Europe. The most likely reason: The biggest Star Wars virtual reality adventure to date was reduced in price by 66 percent to $13 instead of $40. A real bargain.


The VR game is also available for Meta Quest, but the PSVR 2 version has been graphically enhanced. I reviewed the Enhanced Edition and compared it to the Quest version.

Among Us VR and Arizona Sunshine 2 are also at the top of the list alongside perennial favorites Beat Saber and Pavlov. It's nice to see that Synapse, one of the few PSVR 2 exclusive titles, has also made it back into the top downloads.