Sony has announced 5 new PSVR 2 games, check out all info & trailers here

Sony has announced 5 new PSVR 2 games, check out all info & trailers here

At its State of Play event, Sony announced new VR games for Playstation VR 2, including an exclusive title. Here's an overview of the games.


The Playstation VR 2 has just been launched and Sony has already announced more titles to look forward to.

A list of all PSVR 2 games announced so far can be found after the link.

The Foglands

The Foglands is a sci-fi western roguelike that was newly announced at the State of Play event.

"The player is tasked to explore what lurks in the dangerous depths of the Fog, in an effort to resolve a conflict that threatens their home. Each run will have players punching, throwing, and shooting to get through floors of enemies and bosses to reach the end", writes Derek O'Dell, the COO of indie studio Well-Told on the Playstation Blog.


Read his article to learn more about the story and game mechanics. Links to the various Playstation Blog articles can be found at the bottom of this article.

The Foglands will be released on Playstation VR 2 and Meta Quest 2 in 2023.


Synapse is also a newly announced title and will be released exclusively on Playstation VR 2.

The indie studio behind it, nDreams, should be a familiar name to VR fans, having created the innovative action games Phantom: Covert Ops (2020) and Fracked (2021).


The latest action title Synapse combines brutal firepower, 1:1 telekinesis and an iconic art style, writes studio head James Shepherd in the Playstation Blog.

"VR heightens your senses, making you feel so immersed and involved in the world around you and we wanted to fully explore this with Synapse. We saw the opportunity with PS VR2 to create a new, expressive mechanic that is perfect for VR – telekinesis."

The VR headset's eye-tracking allows you to pick up objects or enemies just by looking at them, and then throw them through the air with your hand. "We’ve tailored the wielding of telekinesis to feel instinctive and expressive, giving players new ways to take down enemies and progress through levels", Shepherd writes.

The VR game's surreal graphics style was designed to showcase the OLED displays and the significantly increased graphics power of PS5. "The monochrome art style with its bursts of vibrant colour can only truly be done justice on the stunning 4K HDR screen along with foveated rendering, showing the world vividness and sharpness at a level that we haven’t seen before."


Journey to Foundation

This newly announced VR game is based on the Foundation series of books by sci-fi author Isaac Asimov and aims to bring their world to life in virtual reality.

Journey of Foundation is a story-driven VR adventure. It takes you on an epic journey through a region of space called the "Periphery".


"You play as Ward, an agent of the powerful Commission of Public Safety, who is sent to investigate civil unrest at the edge of the Galactic Empire. The Empire has kept peace across the galaxy for over 12 thousand years, but cracks have started to emerge. Stagnation, apathy, and internal revolt all threaten to break it apart." according to the Playstation Blog.

As the plot unfolds, relationships and loyalties will be tested - and you'll have to decide which factions will rise and fall. Using cunning, diplomacy, threats, mind manipulation and force of arms.


Journey to Foundation will be released in Fall 2023 on Playstation VR 2, Meta Quest 2, and Pico 4.


This extraordinary puzzle game was announced years ago for PS4 and the first Playstation VR. At the State of Play event, a version for Playstation 5, compatibility with Playstation VR 2 and the release month (May 2023) were announced.

The studio describes the game as follows:

"Stranded at the end of the world, people have lost their sense of purpose. You awake as a dog, and join the people in a series of “Trials” (i.e. stages), attempting to guide them towards pillars of light. With one simple “woof”, you issue commands to your followers – commands they will follow blindly, no matter the sacrifices involved in doing so. You can tell them which direction to walk, make them jump, have them float in midair and more – even have them fight against their enemies."


Each Trial features a variety of tricks, traps, and obstacles, including water and wind, mountains and valleys, switches and moveable objects. Each of these will affect or restrict what the people can do, and they combine together to form a series of fiendish puzzles.

"In the game’s early stages, Humanity appears to be a rather peaceful action puzzler, but as you proceed through the story, it will transform into battles on a massive scale. This evolution in gameplay is just one of the things we hope you enjoy", writes studio founder Yugo Nakamura, promising a level editor that lets you create and share your own levels.

According to him, the VR version "provides a unique sensation when experienced in VR, and simply feels great to play".

A demo of the game is available for a short time on the Playstation Store.


Green Hell VR

Set in the Amazon rainforest, this survival simulation is based on the PC game of the same name, ports of which were released for PC VR and Meta Quest 2 in 2022. The version for Playstation VR 2 has been improved in terms of haptics, sound, and graphics.

You take on the role of Jake Higgins, a famous anthropologist who finds himself lost in the Amazon jungle. Surrounded by various dangers and equipped only with a watch, backpack, and a survival guide, you must endure and make it back to civilization.

Green Hell VR will be released for Playstation VR 2 later this year.

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