It looks like Sony is preparing a PC adapter for Playstation VR 2

It looks like Sony is preparing a PC adapter for Playstation VR 2

Playstation VR 2 will most likely use a PC adapter to connect directly to PCs.


The Radio Research Agency (RRA), a South Korean certification body for radio and communication devices, has certified a "Playstation VR2 PC Adapter" for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

VR enthusiast Brad Lynch was the first to point to the certification. The license is dated March 27, 2024, so the launch could be imminent.

Sony announced three months ago that PSVR2 users would get access to additional games on PC later this year, but remained vague on what this access would look like. Two solutions were discussed by the community: a direct PC connection or a streaming solution via PS5.


A firmware update released in March indicated a plug-and-play solution, and the RAA certificate now makes the direct PC connection even more likely.


The Playstation VR 2 has two technical features that would make it an interesting PC VR headset. The first is the high contrast OLED display and the second is eye tracking, although it is still unclear if the device will support eye tracking on the PC. It would certainly be a game changer for PC VR.

The device normally costs $550 and is currently on sale for $450.

Since its release in February 2023, the Playstation VR 2 has struggled with sluggish sales. According to one report, Sony has even suspended production in order to clear the backlog of unsold units. Hopefully, PC VR access will breathe new life into the platform and boost sales.

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