Playstation VR 2: New trailer shows what makes the VR headset unique

Playstation VR 2: New trailer shows what makes the VR headset unique

Playstation VR 2 is a next-generation VR system. Sony shows what that means in a brilliant new trailer.

Last week we saw the first press impressions of PSVR 2, this week we see a commercial like Playstation VR 2 deserves. Sony's hype machine is slowly gaining momentum. It's about time: the VR headset will launch in early 2023, so it's already within reach.

It's one thing to get a list of specs, but another to see it in action. The first official trailer for Playstation VR 2 does just that. The video does a good job: It makes the technology's appeal comprehensible and highlights the VR system's partly unique features.

Modern design and a top display

Sony first presents the design of the headset and the Sense controllers. The hardware features a spherical shape and thus says goodbye to the boxy design of older VR systems - even though Playstation VR 2 is still bulky.

Immediately after that, the video shows an opening gate that reveals a gorgeous natural landscape. Sony uses this to illustrate the vastness of the VR perspective and the fact that you are visually immersed in virtual worlds instead of just viewing them on a monitor.

Next, the trailer presents the technical features, starting with the display. Its resolution of 2,000 by 2,040 pixels per eye corresponds to the current VR standard. The display is unusual in that it uses OLED technology. In terms of color fidelity and contrast, the Playstation VR 2 should beat most VR headsets. These usually rely on LC displays.

Eye tracking for the masses

Another special feature of the VR system is that it supports eye tracking. Playstation VR 2 is the first consumer VR headset to bring this key technology with it.


Eye tracking enables realistic avatars and eye contact, gaze-driven interactions, and foveated rendering: in this rendering technique, the system analyzes which areas of the display the eye is looking at and renders only those with maximum details. This saves computing power and enables more detailed VR worlds. Playstation VR 2 is the first mass VR product to use foveated rendering. That is a minor sensation.

Sony does not break any records in the field of view. Nevertheless, according to first reports, it is supposed to be wider than in commercially available VR headsets like Meta Quest 2.

Unique haptics for head and hands

Finger recognition and 3D audio have been standard for years, but no headset feedback. A vibration motor is built into the head mount for added haptic effects on the head and to curb motion sickness. This is a unique feature of PSVR 2.

Finally, there are the new Sense controllers. Developed specifically for Playstation VR 2, the input devices feature the same haptics technology as the DualSense gamepad, as well as its adaptive triggers that simulate different resistances. This makes interactions feel even more realistic. In terms of haptic feedback, the Sense controllers are more advanced than competing devices.

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