A new Metro game for Playstation VR 2 is rumored to be announced soon

A new Metro game for Playstation VR 2 is rumored to be announced soon

Rumors are circulating that Sony will announce a new VR game based on the Metro series at the next State of Play.


According to the Twitter account @Shpeshal_Nick, the next State of Play will take place around January 31st. In the same tweet, the leaker teased the content of the announcements. The cryptic message also contains the word "metro".

A second well-known leaker named Kurakasis claimed a few hours later that a new Metro game would be announced soon, and that it would be a VR title called Metro Awakening.


The rumor might be true. Studio 4A Games, which developed the Metro series, has been part of the Embracer Group since 2020. That same year, the group acquired VR studio Vertigo Games, which released the shooters Arizona Sunshine (2016), After The Fall (2021), and most recently Arizona Sunshine 2 (2023).

Last November, a job posting from the VR studio fueled rumors of a major project. According to the posting, Vertigo Games has launched “pre-production on a high-profile, multi-platform AAA VR game based on a globally recognized franchise”. That could be Metro. Vertigo Games would be well-positioned for such a VR game, as the studio has a lot of experience with post-apocalyptic shooters.


4A Games developed Metro 2033 (2010), Metro: Last Light (2013) and Metro Exodus (2019), and a new game in the Metro series has been in development since 2020. Metro Awakening is apparently a second title being developed for VR, but keep in mind that this is currently just a rumor. 4A Games also has experience with VR game development: It created the VR shooter Arktika.1, which was released exclusively for the PC VR headset Oculus Rift in 2017.

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