Mixture mixes platformer with first-person VR for PSVR 2 & Quest 2

Mixture mixes platformer with first-person VR for PSVR 2 & Quest 2

The magical Moss: Book II has been released for Sony's first VR headset. But the PSVR 2 also gets a magical platformer with a diorama view.

Polyarc's Moss and its sequel managed the feat of appealing to different target groups equally with a cuddly mouse heroine and a lot of drama in an ambitious narrative.

The Polish studio Played with Fire also wants to appeal to young and older players. The VR game Mixture for PlayStation VR2 and Meta Quest 2 mixes "magical realism" with melancholy. The literary model is "The Little Prince".

An unequal duo on the Playstation VR2

As in Moss, a fascinating little heroine fights her way through a mysterious world of "living metals, ores, and crystals" while players support her, all from a slightly elevated perspective.

The nameless "outcast steel moth" in knight's armor spreads its wings and glides over floating islands. Its scythe serves as both a weapon and a climbing hook. The attacks here seem more varied than in Mouse Quill: the developers are working on various combos and even finishing moves. Fights against big bosses are also planned.

As a player, you take on the role of a power-hungry master alchemist who brews various potions. Similar to Moss, Ghost Giant, or Astro Bot Rescue Mission, you'll intervene from the sidelines.


With a toss of small vials, you'll knock out bridges, shut the mouths of carnivorous plants, or stop enemies from rushing to the moth. The materials rock, crystal, and metal seem to play an important role.

Magic potions and characters

Instead of a black-and-white moral, the story will feature numerous characters with complex motivations. These include a fiery fox or a hummingbird. The latter has built a nest of cosmic strings. This could be a surreal allusion to scientific topics such as string theory.

Technically, it's unlikely that the Unity title will max out Playstation VR 2, especially since the team has to keep an eye on a Quest 2 version. However, the art design already looks pleasantly quirky.

Exactly when Mixture will be released is unclear. Sony last confirmed that Playstation VR 2 will not be released this year.

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