Playstation VR 2 gets more survival horror and PC VR games

Playstation VR 2 gets more survival horror and PC VR games

More VR horror is coming to PSVR 2, including Madison VR, Afterlife VR, and Zombieland: Headshot Fever. Various PC VR ports are also making their way to Sony's VR headset.

The stream of Playstation VR 2 ports doesn't stop. Some of them even get a free upgrade: If you already own the VR survival classic The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners for Sony's first VR headset, you can download the PSVR 2 version for free starting February 21, 2023. That way, you'll be ready to play before the VR headset launches on February 22nd.

Publisher Perp Games also announced a couple of VR horror games. Both Madison and Afterlife VR revolve around escaping intrusive otherworldly creatures.

Madison VR

In the survival horror game Madison VR by Bloodious Games, you escape from a bloody occult ritual by solving puzzles instead of fighting. Similar to the classic Project Zero, an instant camera plays an important role. It connects the real world with the afterlife.

Madison has been available for PC and consoles since July 2022. The VR version is in the works for various platforms and does not have a release date yet.

Afterlife VR

Afterlife VR

Afterlife VR, available for SteamVR, is also getting a PSVR 2 makeover. You'll explore an abandoned psychiatric facility searching for your lost sister. To avoid falling into the hands of deformed, pale creatures, you'll look for effective hiding places along the way, much like in Alien: Isolation. In addition to weapons and light sources like candles, you will also use your telekinetic abilities. The developer Split Light Studio has not yet announced a release date.

Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever

Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever for Meta Quest is a light-hearted, fun zombie shooter in the style of classic lightgun games - complete with familiar movie characters. The original Quest version was followed by a PC VR port in 2021. The carnage will begin on Playstation VR 2 just in time for its release on February 22, 2023. Developer XR Games promises dynamic foveated rendering for better graphics, as well as headset rumble when zombies get close.

VR Skater

VR Skater is all about getting loose. The VR sports game with wild tricks and customizable boards has been in Early Access on Steam since 2021. The PSVR 2 version is planned for summer 2023 and will feature new, more sensitive controls. The Steam version is also expected to leave Early Access status at that time.


Song in the Smoke: Rekindled

The survival game Song in the Smoke: Rekindled features a new eye-tracking jump mechanic that brings more speed to the game. The highlight: You first aim with your eyes and then jump to the target by pressing a button.

Other new features include simulated resistance when drawing a bow, thanks to the haptic controller, and the tangible splash of a waterfall on your head, thanks to the headset haptics.

The download version will be available at launch on February 22nd. A physical retail version will follow on March 3. PSVR owners will receive a free upgrade.

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder

Already available for SteamVR, Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder is the first multiplayer game to use eye tracking on Playstation VR 2. VRKiwi's VR adventure game lets one to four adventurers go on a treasure hunt with pickaxes and dynamite.

Now they can see where their partner's eyes are looking at all times. This doesn't seem to affect how the game is played yet, but it's certainly fun. The download version will be released on February 22nd. A physical retail version will follow on March 3. PSVR owners will receive a free upgrade.

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