Playstation VR 2: WW2 combat flight sim "Aces of Thunder" announced

Playstation VR 2: WW2 combat flight sim

The studio behind War Thunder brings immersive aerial combat to Playstation VR 2.

War Thunder is a popular online military action game.

The PC version features a VR mode that lets you experience air, land, and sea battles through a PC VR headset. Now, Gaijin Entertainment has announced a VR spin-off for the Playstation VR 2.

Aces of Thunder will be limited to aerial combat and will take advantage of the strengths of the new VR system. "The PlayStation VR2 headset, with its high-quality, high-resolution OLED screen, motion sensing and eye tracking, and new controllers with haptic feedback and touch sensing, will allow players to perfectly experience the feeling of flying and fully immerse in the role of a combat aircraft pilot," the studio wrote in the announcement.

Legendary aircraft from World War II

Gaijin Entertainment also promises physically accurate flight and damage models derived from War Thunder.

Battles will take place exclusively from the cockpit view and with complete control over all flight systems. As a result, players will learn to fly the aircraft almost for real, literally with their hands.

The VR game will initially focus on legendary World War II aircraft, such as the American P-51 Mustang fighter and the British Spitfire, while future expansions will bring fighters from other eras.


All available game modes (Team vs. Team, Duels, Custom Modes) support competitive online battles against other players:inside.

Aces of Thunder: First real flight simulation for PSVR 2.

Aces of Thunder, unlike War Thunder, will be distributed on a paid model. All aircraft will be available immediately upon purchase, and the players will be able to apply cosmetic items to customize their planes.

The flight combat simulator is a welcome addition to the growing library of PSVR 2 games. Aside from No Man's Sky, you can't fly in any of the other PSVR 2 games that have been announced or released so far.

It is not yet known whether the VR game will also be released for other VR platforms and when it will come for PSVR 2. You can already add the title to your wishlist in the Playstation Store.

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