Pistol Whip: New update "Voidslayer" lets you blast through fantasy worlds to the tune of power metal

Pistol Whip: New update

Dragons, battlefields and metal until you drop: Pistol Whip sends you on an epic power trip with the free "Voidslayer" DLC.


Cloudhead Games has officially revealed the name and release date of the next content update for its award-winning VR action rhythm game Pistol Whip. Called "Voidslayer", the update includes three new power metal scenes, the first of which will be released on June 6, 2024 on all supported platforms.

Voidslayer is a free collection of medieval fantasy landscapes with power metal tracks. Set to songs by bands such as Bloodbound, Brothers of Metal and Firewind, players will blast their way through ancient villages, cataclysmic battlefields and to the edge of earth and sky.

The first new scene "Hero's Dawn" will be released in Arcade Mode on June 6, 2024, while the second and third scenes will be available on June 13 and 20. Players will receive two new modifiers to customize their playstyle, including "Colour Match", where only enemies matching the color of their weapons can be targeted, and "Deflector", which allows bullets to bounce back at enemies.

According to Cloudhead Games, the unique medieval weapons included in the latest free content drop served as subtle teasers for the upcoming Voidslayer update.



VR hit Pistol Whip is constantly being expanded

Pistol Whip combines elements from Beat Saber, Superhot VR and the action film John Wick to create a successful and fun "beat-ball game". You move automatically through neon-lit environments and have to take out enemies and dodge their bullets to the beat of electronic music. The physically demanding game requires agility and is well suited as a VR fitness game.

Since its original release in November 2019 for Quest, SteamVR and PSVR, Pistol Whip has been expanded with many new levels, modifiers and the mini-campaigns Pistol Whip 2089 and Smoke & Thunder. With over 20 scenes, it now offers significantly more content than at launch.

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