Pimax entices game makers with $100k and 100% revenue share

Pimax entices game makers with $100k and 100% revenue share

Pimax recently announced a significant incentive for developers to create games for its new app store, 100% of revenue from the game, and support from a $100,000 fund.

Pimax will soon ship two new VR headsets, the high-end Pimax Crystal and the hybrid held-held/VR headset Portal. Each will have access to the new Pimax app store for standalone VR gaming. That means Pimax needs an influx of games and apps optimized for these Pimax headsets.

Pimax can do what Meta and Steam cannot

Pimax can offer developer incentives that Meta and Steam cannot. Pimax's head of Global Business Development Carol Yuan explained, "We're a hardware manufacturer in the first place, which you could argue Steam and Meta aren't, so this makes it easier for us to accept a lower margin."

Yuan added, "There should also be more high-quality VR content available. Not only do we think that, but also many users online think this is holding back VR."

The Pimax Store with VR games and apps is shown on a desktop computer.

The Pimax Store lets you browse VR games and apps on a desktop computer. | Bild: Pimax

Pimax notes that its zero-cut approach should be much more attractive to developers than the 30% commission that Quest 2 and PC VR developers have to pay to Steam and Meta. Pimax also offers Portal developer's kits and provides free advertising. Full details on the incentive are available on the website.

Pimax has always tried to push the boundaries of virtual reality headsets. Recent progress has helped Pimax secure $30 million in funding to continue growth and hopefully shorten shipping delays.


Pimax Crystal and Portal: unique capabilities

Standalone games designed for the Pimax Crystal will hopefully showcase its high-resolution 2880-by-2880 display and wide 140-degree FOV. The Pimax Crystal also includes eye and face-tracking capabilities which can enhance social games.

The Pimax Portal is a hybrid device that can transform from a hand-held console to a VR headset. Games made specifically for the Portal should be able to operate in both modes, so the gamer can switch between VR and hand-held without losing their progress.

Getting a new app store rolling can be difficult. Hopefully, this Pimax incentive for developers will bring new developers to the platform and inspire more games and apps.

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