Pico 4: New firmware update brings many improvements

Pico 4: New firmware update brings many improvements

Pico is rolling out one of the biggest firmware updates for Pico 4 to date. What are the improvements and new features in Pico OS 5.7.0?


Pico 4 has been on the market for ten months, at least in Europe and a number of other countries. A launch in the largest VR market, the US, is still pending.

In the meantime, Pico is tweaking the VR headset's firmware. Pico OS 5.7.0 brings the following features and improvements.

Hand tracking: More accurate and stable

Pico has improved the algorithms responsible for hand and finger tracking. The jitter of virtual hands has been reduced and hand tracking should now work more accurately and stable overall.

Spatial tracking: Better in dark and large rooms

Pico has also upgraded the 6DoF algorithms. Tracking jitters in dark and spacious rooms or when the head is still should now be reduced. The boundary now drifts less often when the player re-enters.


PC VR streaming: Sharper thanks to filters

Those who do without Virtual Desktop can now also use a sharpness filter in Pico's standard software. The sharpness level can be adjusted (0 - 100 percent). The controller haptics of PC VR streaming have also been improved.

Automatic updates

When the screen is off and the device battery is more than 50%, the system updates firmware by itself and restarts the system. This eliminates the need for manual updates.


New recording options

There are now options to record the VR action in a vertical format and aspect ratio of 9:16 (if you want to post videos on social networks). Here, you have a higher resolution and frame rates of 24 and 36 FPS at your disposal. Image stabilization is now on by default and you can view recorded material immediately without having to switch to the file manager.

Video player: Better picture quality

The video player is now said to provide an overall clearer image.


Bankcard scanning

This most unusual new feature of the firmware update allows you to scan credit card data using passthrough mode, saving you the hassle of typing in numbers.

Other improvements

Pico has also optimized the browser performance as well as the user interface here and there. Besides numerous bug fixes, system performance and stability have been improved.

Many of these improvements also apply to Pico Neo 3 Link, by the way. You can find the full release notes on the  Pico board.

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