PC strategy hit Manor Lords now runs in Virtual Reality

PC strategy hit Manor Lords now runs in Virtual Reality

UEVR brings Manor Lords to virtual reality and catapults you into the heart of the medieval PC strategy game.


Just one week after the launch of Early Access, the modding community is already playing the medieval strategy game Manor Lords in virtual reality. As Flat2VR confirmed on X (formerly Twitter), the PC game runs perfectly in VR thanks to Praydog's UEVR tool, which makes many PC games developed in the Unreal Engine playable in virtual reality.

Even the developers of Manor Lords were impressed by the mod and expressed their amazement and appreciation on X:

Currently, Manor Lords can only be played with a mouse and keyboard. In VR, you can perform all the usual game actions, such as building roads and managing resources. It is also possible to explore the game environment from the perspective of the chosen lord character.



UEVR turns the VR modding scene upside down

Released on April 26, 2024, the strategy and building game Manor Lords quickly climbed the Steam charts, receiving positive feedback and reaching over one million sales. Publisher Hooded Horse celebrated the game's success, citing a peak of 170,000 concurrent players on Steam, a record for the building genre. UEVR may add a few more players from the VR modding scene.

UEVR is an open source framework that makes many Unreal Engine 4 and 5 flat panel titles compatible with VR headsets. It does not contain predefined profiles for individual games. These are created and shared by the Flat2VR community on Discord. A user-created website collects these profiles and provides useful links.

Currently there are almost 280 games and more than 380 profiles listed. UEVR offers features such as 6-DoF head tracking, stereoscopic 3D rendering, optional 3-DoF controller support, and a front-end GUI for customization. The framework was released in late 2023 and is still in beta.

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