Pavlov gets two beautiful new maps and a revamped modkit

Pavlov gets two beautiful new maps and a revamped modkit

The popular VR tactical shooter Pavlov gets two new maps in Update 30 that look fantastic.


Update 30 has been released this week for the PC VR and PSVR 2 versions of Pavlov. It includes two new maps called Autumn and Carnival.

Autumn is loosely based on the Scottish capital Edinburgh and is meant to convey the eerie feeling of an evacuated city. Carnival is a fictional amusement park in Macedonia that has been turned into a military base for special forces.

The trailer for the update shows gameplay scenes from these beautiful maps, which will soon find their way into the Quest version of the game, Pavlov Shack.

Vankrupt Games has also added a new stealth device and other improvements to the TTT game mode, and released a new iteration of its modkit. It gives the Pavlov's modding community even more creative freedom and makes it easier to collaborate on mods.

There is some bad news for the PSVR 2 version: Vankrupt Games has abandoned its plans for mod support. "Due to circumstances beyond our control, we could not work out a viable pipeline for delivering mods to PS5. Vankrupt Games is no longer pursuing UGC on the PSVR2," the studio writes.


More details on Update 30 can be found on Steam. The next update will bring weapon cosmetics.


Pavlov - One of the most successful VR tactical shooters

Pavlov began as a Counter-Strike-inspired team-based military shooter, and now offers a variety of different game modes as well as hundreds of community mods.

The game was initially released for SteamVR in 2017, and quickly became one of the most popular PC VR shooters. Pavlov was a launch title for Playstation VR 2 in February 2023, and may have been the best-selling PSVR 2 game of last year. In late 2023, Pavlov Shack graduated to the official Quest Store.