One of the best Star Wars VR games is almost free on Steam right now

One of the best Star Wars VR games is almost free on Steam right now

May the VR bargain be with you: Star Wars Squadrons with VR support is currently almost free on Steam.


Star Wars Squadrons is currently available on Steam for just $2. The offer is part of EA's current sale and is valid until February 20, 2024. Usually, the starfighter action on Steam costs $39.99. If you ever dreamed of sitting in the cockpit of an X-Wing or a Tie-Fighter as a kid, this is the deal to get.

To play Star Wars Squadrons in VR, you will need a PC VR headset. Alternatively, you can use a mobile VR headset via PC VR streaming, such as a Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 or Pico 4. If you find the VR flights too immersive, just switch to the monitor. Star Wars Squadrons can be played in VR or conventionally on a computer.

You will need either a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad to control the game. You can also use HOTAS like the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS. VR controllers are not supported.


Star Wars Squadrons is a unique VR experience

Released in October 2020, Star Wars: Squadrons puts you in the role of two unnamed pilots on the side of the New Republic and the Empire. You experience the campaign alternately from different perspectives. The story begins after the destruction of the second Death Star and offers 14 story missions.

There are also two multiplayer modes: "Dogfight" is a space deathmatch in which two teams of five players compete against each other. In "Fleet Battles", the goal is to destroy the opposing team's flagship.



In our review of Star Wars Squadron (only in German), Max wrote:

"For me, a childhood dream came true that I had probably forgotten because of the last Star Wars trilogy: when I sit in the X-Wing, see the droid behind me and hear Admiral Ackbar talking to me, long-forgotten feelings come flooding back. And when I turn my nose up after my first 180-degree drift and, thanks to VR, don't lose sight of the tie-fighter flying above me and confidently shoot it away, I know: This is the way.

The VR experience in Star Wars Squadrons is top-notch, with a variety of ships, excellent controls, fantastic graphics, beautifully modeled and functional cockpits, and an unmistakable soundscape. However, EA has discontinued support for the VR game. As a result, there may be performance problems or bugs.

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