OhShape Ultimate: Rhythm meets fitness on PSVR 2

OhShape Ultimate: Rhythm meets fitness on PSVR 2

OhShape Ultimate is out now on PSVR 2. This rhythm game combines fitness and fun, featuring 40+ levels, new songs, and a full-body workout.


OhShape Ultimate, a dynamic rhythm game that combines fitness and fun, was released yesterday for PSVR 2. The graphics have been overhauled, new environments and songs have been added, and the user experience has been improved.

The game features more than 40 levels in four difficulty levels and an inviting design for new players. An online leaderboard allows for cross-platform competition, and a practice mode helps players perfect levels.

The new fitness album Power Up complements the classic game with six sessions and two difficulty levels for a full-body cardio workout. Special songs target cardio, legs, arms, or a full-body workout.

OhShape is heavily inspired by the Japanese TV show Hole in the Wall. Players navigate through shapes in walls, dodge obstacles and box their way to victory to the rhythm of the music. It combines dance, workout, and party game.

OhShape Ultimate costs $19.99 and is also available on Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, Quest Pro, Pico and SteamVR.



Odder Labs is known for fitness

Virtual reality and fitness are a combination that is becoming increasingly popular. Games such as OhShape Ultimate and Les Mills XR Dance show that VR can be not only entertaining, but also beneficial to your health. Both titles provide an intense full-body workout that is both fun and challenging.

Developments in mixed reality are particularly exciting. Meta Quest 3 allows the virtual world to merge with the real-world thanks to improved color transmission. OhShape Ultimate takes advantage of this feature on Quest 3, bringing parts of the game world into the player's environment.

Les Mills XR Dance is also impressive in its implementation. Real instructors act as holograms to guide players through choreographies of varying difficulty. Accurate visuals and feedback through colored balls and vibrations help players master the moves quickly. The intense workout is a welcome change to the VR fitness routine and is fun for frequent exercisers.

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