Oculus Go: Purchased apps suddenly unusable - users demand answers from Meta

Oculus Go: Purchased apps suddenly unusable - users demand answers from Meta

"Entitlement check failed": This error is currently plaguing many Oculus Go owners as paid apps suddenly stop working.


Numerous Oculus Go owners are reporting on forums and social media that they have been unable to launch many purchased apps for several weeks. Attempting to open the applications results in a "Failed Entitlement Check" error message and the app crashes.

TheLegend27, the first user to report the problem on the Meta Quest forum a few weeks ago, writes that he has already tried several steps to solve the problem to no avail. These included reinstalling the app, completely resetting the Oculus Go, and trying to launch the app from the smartphone app. He is also unable to open the app store on his device.

Multiple users around the world are now reporting that they are experiencing this issue on multiple Oculus Go devices and Meta accounts. While some apps like YouTube VR, Skybox, and Netflix continue to work, the "Entitlement Check" error affects both free and paid apps, including Mission ISS and the golf simulator exVRience Golf. Only devices that are not connected to the internet appear to be working properly.

Despite the efforts of individual users to bring the problem to Meta's attention through official support channels, the company has yet to provide any helpful solutions. So far, Meta support has only indicated that certain applications may no longer work properly due to Meta no longer supporting the Oculus Go. If the return period has not yet expired, the company recommends requesting a refund for the affected apps.


Meta discontinued support for Oculus Go as early as 2022

Meta announced in early 2020 that it would no longer provide Oculus Go with software updates and new features. However, the company promised that owners of the standalone headset would still be able to access previously purchased apps and content.

The headset received bug fixes and security updates, but no new features, until 2022, and should be still usable today. Since December 2020, no new apps for Go have been available in the store.


Meta justified the decision at the time by saying it wanted to focus on its 6DOF platforms going forward, as 6DOF "feels like the future of VR." Oculus Go fell behind due to its limited 3DOF tracking, and was nearly made obsolete by the Oculus Quest.


Likely no improvement in sight

Affected users are angry and demand that the billion-dollar company fix the problem as soon as possible. This is understandable, but unlikely to succeed. In most cases, users only purchase a license to use digital apps and do not actually own the software. If the publisher decides to discontinue the app or stop supporting it on certain platforms, that's it.

The gaming industry recently faced a similar situation. Ubisoft discontinued support for the online racing game The Crew, which was rendered unusable despite having a single-player mode. Although this practice may violate EU consumer protection laws, the situation is currently unclear.

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