NuLoupes AR magnifying glasses reveal tiny details

NuLoupes AR magnifying glasses reveal tiny details

NuLoupes combine the features of AR glasses and magnifying glasses in one device, potentially making it an ideal product for precision work of all kinds.

The German company NuEyes started out producing electronic vision aids in the form of mixed reality headsets. Now, the start-up has become an established manufacturer of augmented reality glasses.

NuEyes makes devices for medical facilities and companies for work that involves fine detail. The latest innovation is a product that combines AR and magnifying glasses called NuLoupes.

The features of the NuLoupes

NuLoupes AR glasses integrate a proprietary camera system with two 48-megapixel lenses that enable stereoscopic 3D imaging, which is essential for precise work. In addition, the headset offers continuous magnification from factor one to factor ten. This means that even the smallest details can be captured with ease.

The camera system is mounted above the spectacle lenses and can be swiveled downward by as much as 90 degrees. This allows you to keep your head upright in a more comfortable position to prevent fatigue and neck and back pain.

NuLoupes offer a swiveling camera module. | Video: NuEyes

In addition, NuEyes aims to offer NuLoupes users an AR ecosystem that will provide access to object recognition, surgical and dental navigation apps, surgery notes, and more.


Areas of application for the NuLoupes

NuLoupes AR glasses are designed primarily for use in medicine. Surgeons, dentists, and dermatologists, in particular, could benefit from their use. But NuLoupes would also greatly benefit industry, for example, in the production of electronic products or in car manufacturing.

NuEyes hasn't given a precise date for the launch of NuLoupes AR glasses, but it is expected to be sometime in 2023.

NuLoupes aren't the first solution of this type. FYR Medical launched AR magnifying glasses last year. In general, the use of AR and VR in medicine is expected to grow dramatically over the next few years as the technology continues to improve.

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