Nreal Light now streams Steam games onto a big virtual screen

Nreal Light now streams Steam games onto a big virtual screen

The Nreal Light and Nreal Air video glasses will soon get a new feature: They stream Steam games to a large digital screen.

The video glasses are connected to an Android smartphone via cable. This in turn streams the games from your PC via WLAN to a virtual screen directly in front of you, presumably with an app that copies the functionality of Steam Link. The projection surface is equivalent to a 200-inch screen at a distance of six meters.

Nreal Light and Nreal Air: Best for streaming video

The feature will be released in beta at the end of June and is not yet perfect. Nreal notes that it requires "a bit of setup" and is not compatible with all games. At launch, Dirt Rally and the Halo games, among others, will work. At a later date, Nreal plans to offer broader compatibility.

In our Nreal Light test, the augmented reality features turned out to be rather weak, and the best application scenario is streaming videos.

Apparently, Nreal had a similar realization. The company has dispensed with AR functions altogether for its next pair of tech glasses, the Nreal Air, and launched a pure streaming pair. The reduction in technical complexity comes with a more compact form factor and a lower price. So far, the Nreal Air is only available in the UK.


Hackathon aims to flush new apps into Nreal's ecosystem

To coincide with the Steam streaming launch, Nreal is organizing a hackathon called AR Jam. This will take place from June 27 to July 27 and promises a total of $100,000 in prize money, as well as the chance to win Nreal Light devkits.

Developers worldwide are encouraged to create new AR apps for Nreal's ecosystem. Categories include fitness, art, gaming, video, social, NFT, and ports of existing AR apps for the Nebula operating system. More information is available on the official website.