Noun Town is a playful VR language learning app for Quest 2

Noun Town is a playful VR language learning app for Quest 2

A new VR app for Meta Quest 2 teaches you languages by cooking, shooting bows, or helping out on a farm in virtual reality.

Learning languages works best when you actually use them. But those who are keen to learn often lack the opportunity for real conversations. If you don't have time to go on a language trip, you can help yourself out with virtual reality. A new language app for the Meta Quest 2 is designed to help beginners learn pronunciation and useful phrases in a fun way.

Learning languages with mini-games in virtual reality

The VR app Noun Town Language Learning uses the immersive gameplay of VR games and combines it with language learning software. The app teaches you over 1,000 words and phrases in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

There is no dry vocabulary cramming. Instead, the developers lighten up the learning process with mini-games and interactive lessons. A total of 16 virtual characters are available as teachers.

Virtual teachers help with pronunciation

While you interact with them, the built-in speech recognition analyzes your pronunciation. If you make mistakes, the teachers will help you.

As you improve, you can unlock new characters and game modes or change the environment. The environment is brightly colored, and its cartoon graphics are reminiscent of Job Simulator.


Noun Town alternatives for advanced players

Noun Town is available now for roughly $15 in the Meta Quest Store. The release on SteamVR is scheduled for December 15, 2022. You can already download a free demo.

The focus of the app is clearly on the pronunciation of individual words and phrases. The VR app is primarily aimed at beginners who want to get a taste of new languages.

Those looking for advanced courses or who wish to dive deeper into the respective language should take a closer look at Immerse. The start-up behind the VR app of the same name offers a subscription model with several courses. There, you can also meet real teachers and other language enthusiasts in social VR encounters.

With prices between 45 and 60 euros per month, Immerse is not exactly cheap. If you can do without the social VR components of Immerse, Mondly is a cheaper alternative. Here, you can learn up to 29 different languages in everyday scenes with the help of a language AI.

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