Nope Challenge confronts you with 40+ phobias and is coming to Quest this month

Nope Challenge confronts you with 40+ phobias and is coming to Quest this month

Part game, part therapy, Nope Challenge confronts you with numerous objects of human fear. It's coming soon to Quest.


Nope Challenge has a release date: It will come out on April 25, 2024. So far, only Meta Quest has been announced as a platform.

Studio Happy Manic describes the VR game as follows

In Nope Challenge, you can explore intense challenges ranging from light to extreme difficulty, jam packed with scenarios with over 40 phobias baked in. You'll climb, sneak, and run from AI-driven enemies designed to test your fight, flight, and freeze responses. If you're too scared to keep going, you can hit the NOPE button at any time to retreat to a calming Breather Room that lets you catch your breath and relax before jumping back in.

Whether you're afraid of heights, spiders or clowns, there seems to be something for everyone in Nope Challenge. The game features nine challenges with three different levels of intensity, and dynamic AI keeps the experience unpredictable.

With the Nope button on your wrist, you can always retreat to a relaxing location, collect rewards, and learn more about the 40+ phobias. The studio even promises a mysterious story behind the challenges.


You can add Nope Challenge to your wishlist on the Quest Store.


Just a shocker or really helpful?

Nope Challenge marks a comeback for a "test of courage" subgenre of VR games. Richie's Plank Experience and Face Your Fears send their regards.

Judging by its design, Nope Challenge seems to be primarily intended to entertain and shock, not as a clinical therapy app. A hands-on or review will have to show how much it can help with phobias.