No clear XR strategy: Google loses senior engineer

No clear XR strategy: Google loses senior engineer

Another key XR employee leaves Google, blaming the company's unstable commitment for his resignation.

Mark Lucovsky, Google's former senior director of engineering, is leaving the company. Google's "unstable commitment and vision" in augmented reality heavily influenced Lucovsky's decision, he wrote on Twitter.

Google loses another XR executive

At Google, Lucovsky was responsible for the operating system and software platform for AR and XR devices. In the future, he plans to focus more on augmented reality and the interaction with generative AI – similar to a former colleague.

Just in February, Google lost its XR chief. Clay Bavor, who led Google's XR strategy for more than six years, left to start his own AI company. Bavor previously led the Google Cardboard project and the development of Daydream VR.

Confusion over Google's AR strategy

In a tweet, Mark Lucovsky blamed Google's lack of vision and uncertain commitment for his departure. The company's VR and AR efforts have been marked by numerous flops and a lack of clear direction.

These include the recently discontinued Google Glass data glasses, half-hearted smartphone VR projects, and the Mirage Solo VR headset. Google was also rumored to be working on Project Iris, an AR headset that would have competed with Apple Vision Pro.

According to a report from Business Insider, the project was canceled earlier this year. It says Google caused frustration in the development team with numerous strategy changes in Project Iris. In the future, they want to focus more on the development of AR software and launch an "Android for AR". There is no official statement from Google.

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