New VR football game in the pipeline: Premier League invests in VR studio

New VR football game in the pipeline: Premier League invests in VR studio

The English Premier League invests in VR studio Rezzil to co-develop a VR football game with your favorite players.


The Premier League, England's top football league, has announced a four-year partnership with Manchester-based VR software company Rezzil. The agreement also includes an equity investment in Rezzil by the Premier League.

As part of the partnership, both parties will develop a new VR game for release later this year. The planned VR game will allow you to stand on a virtual pitch "in the boots of your favorite Premier League players" and recreate iconic Premier League goals and moments from a VR perspective.


Rezzil Player popular among professionals

In recent years, Rezzil has built a strong reputation in the development of VR training software. In 2021, a group of former professional football players invested millions in the studio, including former Arsenal FC captain and World Cup winner Thierry Henry.

With Player 21, Rezzil released its first VR app on Steam and Viveport in 2020. This was followed a year later by a version for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro, which received a major update two years ago. Since then, you can also complete training sessions for basketball, boxing or American football, working on reactions, technique, footwork or dealing with pressure situations on the pitch.

The Premier League sees considerable potential in the use of Virtual Reality in football. Will Brass, the Premier League's Chief Commercial Officer, said that the potential applications of the technology are expanding rapidly. The partnership with Rezzil aims to research and develop products that can redefine the player, fan, and spectator experience.

Sources: Premier League