New Rokid Max 2 AR glasses with seamless diopter adjustment introduced

New Rokid Max 2 AR glasses with seamless diopter adjustment introduced

With the AR Lite, Rokid presents a combination of lightweight AR glasses and a compact host unit that focuses on ergonomics and ease of use.


Rokid introduces AR Lite, a new set consisting of the Rokid Max 2 AR glasses and the Rokid Station 2 host unit. The Rokid Max 2 is based on an ergonomic and lightweight design with a weight of 75 grams. The interpupillary distance (IPD) can be adjusted in the system settings.

Corrective lenses, contact lenses or glasses under the glasses are no longer necessary in many cases, as the Max 2 has a visual acuity adjustment from 0.00 to -6.00 diopters. Air nose pads to reduce pressure on the nostrils and flexible, soft earhooks that conform to the shape of the ear are designed for comfort. The headset is available in two colors — Midnight Black and Dawn Silver.

The Rokid Station 2 host unit with aluminum frame provides the necessary computing power. It uses a Snapdragon platform optimized by Qualcomm Technologies for graphics rendering and AI calculations on the YodaOS Master operating system. Rokid does not specify how long the 5000 mAh battery, which can be charged via an 18 watt fast charger, will last. The Rokid Station 2 has no physical buttons. Instead, the device is operated using one-, two- and three-finger touch controls, much like a smartphone.

Funding via Kickstarter campaign

The combination of Rokid Max 2 and Rokid Station 2 enables a multiscreen mode where you can anchor multiple virtual displays in physical space. The screen diagonals should correspond to real sizes of up to 300 inches (approx. 8 m) from a viewing distance of about six meters.

With the so-called "Motion Mode", Rokid wants to provide increased image stabilization so that you can use the AR headset while moving on a train or in a car without having to worry about motion sickness. You can also record and watch spatial video with AR Lite.


Spatial screencasting expands content viewing capabilities across multiple platforms and enables fast wireless screencasting for an ultra-wide 32:9 screen experience. Cloud and Bluetooth connectivity have also been improved. The YodaOS master system supports NAS and cloud storage with 100GB of free storage and wireless keyboard pairing.

Pricing and availability of the AR Lite are not yet known. Rokid plans to fund the bundle through a Kickstarter campaign.


Rokid continues to expand its portfolio

Rokid is a Chinese company that was founded in 2014, and initially focused on smart speakers and AI assistants before focusing on augmented reality. Rokid's main products include the Rokid Air, Rokid Glass 2, Rokid Vision 2, and Rokid Max.

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