New 3D routes in Google Maps: Explore your digital hometown

New 3D routes in Google Maps: Explore your digital hometown

Google Maps introduces Immersive View for routes at I/O 2023, creating a 3D world full of real-time information.

Google Maps is taking another step toward becoming the digital twin of the world by expanding Street View 3D. At I/O 2023, Google is introducing a new feature for Google Maps called Immersive View for Routes. It allows users to view complete routes in a computer-generated 3D perspective, enhanced with real-time visual information.

Google extends Immersive View to routes

Immersive View for routes builds on the technology introduced last year that made Google Maps the centerpiece of the AR future. Using artificial intelligence and computer vision, Google is stitching together billions of Street View and aerial imagery to create a comprehensive digital model of individual cities.

Until now, Immersive View could only be used for individual streets or areas. In the future, it will be possible to view entire cities from a 3D perspective, including detailed routing and real-time information.

Real-time information and 3D animated routes

Immersive View for routes shows a variety of relevant real-time information at a glance, such as the availability of bike lanes, sidewalks, and parking along the route, as well as information about air quality, weather changes, and traffic conditions at intersections.


In addition, the AI simulates how many cars might be on the road at a given time based on historical traffic trends. A time slider can be used to retrieve forecasts for the entire day. For example, if the weather forecast says it will start raining at noon, the precipitation is also displayed in the animated 3D view.

Immersive View for routes also available in Germany

Immersive View for Routes will be launched in several cities around the world in the coming months, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Paris, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo, and Venice.

The further development of Immersive View and the AI technology required for Street View 3D underscores Google's ambition to evolve Maps beyond its status as a navigation app to a digital representation of the real world. This means that the navigation app is increasingly developing into an augmented reality platform.

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