Neon Squad Tactics is a cyberpunk tabletop RPG coming soon to Meta Quest

Neon Squad Tactics is a cyberpunk tabletop RPG coming soon to Meta Quest

Neon Squad Tactics is a turn-based co-op tabletop strategy game coming to Meta Quest next month.


The VR game has not been officially announced yet, but the Horizon Store listing and the first trailer give an idea of the game's content. Australian studio Tin Man Games describes Neon Squad Tactics as follows

"Welcome to UltraCity, where the neon-lit streets pulse with the rhythm of cybernetic life. In NEON Squad Tactics, immerse yourself in the heart of a cyberpunk metropolis as one of the elite Operators, capable of projecting your consciousness into a team of skilled heroes known as the NEON Squad.

Gather your friends or online allies and navigate the vibrant, wacky world from the comfort of a virtual bar. A captivating holographic table serves as your interface to key locations in the city and beyond. You'll undertake daring missions on behalf of the powerful corporations, all under the guidance of an enigmatic Handler."

The game requires strategic thinking and teamwork. Before each mission, there is a planning phase, during which valuable resources and credits are used to recruit new squaddies and craft advanced weapons and cybernetic enhancements. There are eight unlockable squaddies, each with unique skills and abilities. Your Squad composition determines your play style.

Neon Squad Tactics can be played alone or with others in co-op mode. It offers 31 playfields across three biomes. A soundtrack by popular synthwave artists sets the mood.


The VR game will be released on June 13 for Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro. You can already add Neon Squad Tactics to your wish list on the Horizon Store.


Tin Man Games: a studio with VR experience

Neon Squad Tactics is reminiscent of the tabletop RPG Demeo, but is being developed by a different studio and replaces magical spells and melee combat with high-tech weapons.

Tin Man Games is a Melbourne, Australia-based studio specializing in adventure and digital board games. It has 16 years of experience in game development and has released more than 40 titles for mobile devices, PC and Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

According to my research, Neon Squad Tactics is the studio's second VR game after Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown, which was released for the first Playstation VR and Steam with optional VR support a few years ago.