Music studio Korg Gadget VR envelops you with synthesizers

Music studio Korg Gadget VR envelops you with synthesizers

Korg Gadget music studio for Meta Quest and SteamVR lets you spatially manipulate multiple synth knobs.

On iOS, Mac or Nintendo Switch, Korg Gadget, the modular music studio, has let you experiment with Korg synthesizers since 2014.After years of development, VR implementations are now also available for Quest 2, Quest Pro and Steam VR. They put you right between the faithfully recreated devices.

Thanks to the simple, intuitive implementation, creative ideas should quickly lead to free compositions. In keeping with the virtual reality, synths, drum machines,effects units and other melodic devices from the company's history are placed around the musicians. The hardware sits right in front of the VR musicians, with sequencer patterns running above.

Synthesizer for Quest and SteamVR

Only six gadgets are included in the SteamVR version. According to developers Detune, Degusoft and Korg, who are working on the Unreal Engine VR application, many more will be added during the early access period.

The virtual knobs, buttons and patterns above can be manipulated with VR controllers. To do so, point the illuminated cursor at an item, press a button, and perform the appropriate motion with the controller.


However, the hand tracking of Quest 2 and Quest Pro is not supported. It is also a pity that Korg missed the chance to implement Passthrough. With a successful implementation, you could practically set up the synthesizers and other machines in your own home. So far, however, the developers have not announced any such plans.

Korg Gadget VR is available for Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro and Steam VR, with a price around $30. The developers are on track for a full release on Steam by the end of 2023. The port for Quest 2 and Pro is already in version 1.0, but still available on Applab.

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