Movies, music and live shows in VR: Everdome's digital theater aims to promote immersive entertainment

Movies, music and live shows in VR: Everdome's digital theater aims to promote immersive entertainment

Everdome focuses on virtual entertainment with its digital theater and aims to tap into a potential billion-dollar market in the Middle East.


Metaverse company Everdome has announced the latest addition to its virtual experience: the "Everdome Metaverse Theater". It seats nearly 100 people and features a virtual movie screen and stage for presentations and audience interaction.

The theater will serve as a venue for interactive live events, film or music shows, and more. Unlike traditional platforms, it allows the audience to move freely and interact with others.

According to Jeremy Lopez, CEO of Everdome, the convergence of spatial computing, the metaverse, and AI has the potential to change the way audiovisual content is created, consumed and interacted with. It could empower a new generation of creators.

To launch the theater, Everdome will showcase its own content about the metaverse and the development of its interactive digital city on Mars. Later, partners and brands will have the opportunity to showcase their audiovisual content in the theater.



Metaverse unlocks billion Dollar market opportunity in Middle East

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, the Metaverse will open up a $10 billion market opportunity in the media and entertainment sector in India alone. In the Middle East, the Metaverse could contribute some $15 billion to the economies of the Gulf Cooperation Council by 2030.

Everdome is preparing for this future with its Metaverse Theater. It is part of the company's Metaverse-as-a-Service platform, which allows creators to quickly create their own personalized and interactive Metaverse commercials.

Other companies, such as Bigscreen, are already focusing on cinema experiences in VR. Bigscreen Cinema shows current and classic movies in 3D and 2D on popular VR headsets. Unlike Everdome, however, the focus is on passive movie consumption rather than interaction.

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