More details leak about Apple XR headset apps and games

More details leak about Apple XR headset apps and games

A new report claims Apple's XR headset will run iPad apps and games as well as connect to Fitness+ for augmented workouts, FaceTime for video calls, and more.

Rumors and supply chain information point to Apple's XR headset arriving this year, possibly as soon as June. As expected, more news is leaking out as the anticipated release nears. The latest information comes from Bloomberg and noted Apple expert Mark Gurman, who suggests Apple won't start with an empty App Store, instead making it easy for developers to port iPad apps to the Reality Pro.

Ultimately, apps designed specifically for Apple's XR headset will be preferable. It will take time for developers to create apps that take advantage of the new controls and capabilities. In the meantime, it's essential to fill any gaps in app support to help early adopters make good use of this XR device that could cost as much as $3,000.

Which iPad apps?

Gurman highlighted several specific iPad apps that Apple might be focusing on. Of course, the Safari web browser is critical. Meta is improving the Quest browser, but it lags behind desktop and mobile browsers in many ways, making it easier to use a phone browser.

Apple services are equally important, so calendars, contacts, reminders, and notes should all be available. Communication is a big part of Apple's long-term AR plans. That means messaging, mail, and photos will also be ready.

Music is a big part of Apple's portfolio. There will undoubtedly be a cool interface to browse music and see album covers and lyrics. To round out Apple services, maps, news, stocks, and weather should all be available as apps.

Special features of Apple's XR headset

Apple's XR headset isn't just another device, and Apple will be refining its core apps to showcase what's possible. One of the best ways to do this is with smart home control.


A recent Quest Pro XR demo shared a smart home preview of what might be possible in the future when using an XR headset or AR glasses. Apple could be the first to make intuitive gaze and hand gesture control of smart devices a reality.

Apple knows that music and technology can make exercise entertaining. Apple Fitness+ will try to make it one of the big reasons to buy an Apple Reality Pro. You can already see your heart rate onscreen while watching fitness trainers guide you through a workout. With an XR headset, Apple could make it a more immersive experience.

Meta bought the developer of Supernatural, the leading VR fitness app, recognizing the surge of interest and incredible potential. Working out in VR and AR is clearly a feature that consumers want.

Another huge Apple technology, FaceTime, will play a major role. Apple's avatars are called Memoji, and they might get a big upgrade since it will presumably be the face shown in 3D FaceTime calls.

Apple could shake up customer expectations for VR and mixed reality devices as it prepares to launch its first XR headset, which will reportedly be called the Reality Pro. 

Sources: Bloomberg