Metaverse Forum wants uniform standards for an open metaverse

Metaverse Forum wants uniform standards for an open metaverse

The Khronos Group and the Metaverse Standards Forum aim to provide uniform industry standards for an open and inclusive Metaverse.

The Metaverse of the future should be built without technical access barriers or compatibility problems. The Metaverse Standards Forum wants to work towards this goal and create uniform industry standards together with well-known companies.

Building the Metaverse together

Last fall, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the refocus of his company, complete with a name change from Facebook to Meta. "I hope that over time we will be perceived as a metaverse company, and I want to align our work and identity with what we are working toward," Zuckerberg said.

At the latest since this presentation, the Metaverse should also be a household name to people outside the tech bubble. In addition to Meta, numerous other companies are currently trying to build the future of the Internet. Many of them with their very own definition for the Metaverse.

To prevent a virtual patchwork quilt full of compatibility issues, the Metaverse Standards Forum wants to bring the industry to the same table. Interoperability standards are to be created to build an open and integrative Metaverse.

Uniform standards to ensure open Metaverse

The forum, which will be led by Khronos Group, aims to identify where technical hurdles or compatibility issues might hinder the adoption of an open metaverse.It also aims to coordinate cooperation between different organizations to avoid possible duplication of efforts in the industry.


"The metaverse will bring together diverse technologies, requiring a constellation of interoperability standards, created and maintained by many standards organizations,” said Neil Trevett, Khronos president. "The Metaverse Standards Forum is a unique venue for coordination between standards organizations and industry, with a mission to foster the pragmatic and timely standardization that will be essential to an open and inclusive metaverse."

The forum's activities are expected to be primarily driven by the interests and needs of its members and may include "diverse technologies for collaborative spatial computing, such as interactive 3D graphics, augmented and virtual reality, photorealistic content authoring, geospatial systems, end-user content tooling, digital twins, real-time collaboration, physical simulation, online economies, multi-user gaming, and more."

Metaverse Standards: Free collaboration for all organizations

For companies, universities and organizations of all types, participation in the Metaverse Standards Forum is free. Initial meetings are expected to be held in July 2022. Forum members include well-known companies such as Google, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Meta, Sony, Epic Games, Alibaba, Huawei, Adobe, Unity, Qualcomm, and IKEA.

Anyone interested in joining can find all the information on the Metaverse Standards Forum website.