Meta Quest Pro will be released in October

Meta Quest Pro will be released in October

Mark Zuckerberg presents Meta's latest headset with a video showing him fencing with two Olympians. In mixed reality, of course.

Zuckerberg is a big fan of fencing and was even captain of the fencing team in high school.

In an Instagram video, he fences with two pros: Olympic gold medalist Lee Kiefer and two-time Olympic bronze medalist Gerek Meinhardt. All three are wearing Meta's new Meta Quest Pro VR headset and playing a prototype fencing game.

With the video, Zuckerberg is once again promoting the headset's high-quality mixed reality mode: the physical environment is captured by integrated sensors, reconstructed in color and depth in the headset, and enriched with digital elements (opponents and score display). In this way, analog and digital reality merge.

Premium headset with premium price

Zuckerberg showed off the headset in a video back in May, in which he also presented a mixed reality demo. Then, as now, the device was subsequently pixelated to hide its design.

The unveiling is scheduled for October 11. Since the technical features, the design of the headset, and the name of the product have already been leaked, this secrecy seems a bit strange.

It is also a bit surprising that Zuckerberg showed games in both teasers, although Meta Quest Pro is supposed to be aimed at companies and professional users - and will cost accordingly.

According to Meta, the price will be significantly higher than $800. So the premium headset will cost more than twice as much as a Meta Quest 2. It will complement it, not replace it.


Meta Quest Pro: Launch in October

On Instagram, Zuckerberg confirms in a brief message that Meta Quest Pro will be released in October, shortly after the launch:

"Using our new high-end VR headset coming out next month with mixed reality - meaning you can see virtual objects (like your friends fencing) alongside the physical world around you," it reads.

If you want to learn more about the device, see our Meta Quest Pro info article. There we have gathered all official info as well as rumors. Moreover, Quest 3 just leaked.

Sources: Mark Zuckerberg @ Instagram