Meta Quest: VR experience puts you in a mixed martial arts ring

Meta Quest: VR experience puts you in a mixed martial arts ring

Developer 5thScape promises an authentic mixed martial arts experience for Meta Quest with MMA Cage Conquest.


The VR game MMA Cage Conquest takes you into the world of mixed martial arts. Developed by game studio 5thScape, it is now available for Meta Quest 3 and Quest Pro in the Horizon Store via App Lab.

In MMA Cage Conquest, you take on the role of an aspiring MMA fighter. You train different fighting styles to improve your endurance and techniques to gain an advantage over your opponents. Intense fights will take you to iconic MMA arenas, where the cheers of the crowd will put you desiring an event.

In the single-player campaign, you can fight your way from novice to champion by mastering increasingly difficult challenges. In multiplayer mode, compete in online championships against players from around the world to climb the leaderboards and prove yourself the ultimate MMA champion.


App Lab now part of the Horizon Store

Initially, MMA Cage Conquest will only appear in the App Lab, Meta's early access store and experimental lab for quest games. Until recently, this store was separate from the actual store, the now called Horizon Store. Players had to go to third-party sites or type in the exact name of the appn they were looking for in the Quest Store. This was the only way to find games from the App Lab.

Recently, however, Meta has begun to blur the lines between the stores. App Lab titles are now visible in their section of the Horizon Store and can be found just as easily as regular Quest games. For developers, this means more visibility and the chance to reach a wider audience.


MMA Cage Conquest will also benefit from this change. As an experimental game from a previously unknown studio, it might have been lost in the old system. By integrating the App Lab into the Horizon Store, it now has a chance to be discovered by the Quest community and reach its full potential.

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