New system update will bring Meta's Remote Display app to Quest 2 and 3

New system update will bring Meta's Remote Display app to Quest 2 and 3

Quest update v59 is rolling out now. It brings a battery saver option to Quest 3, avatar legs to Horizon Home and over time, access to Meta's Remote Display app on Quest 2 and 3.

The update is rolling out to Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro owners since October 23, 2023. As always, it may take up to a week or more for the update to reach all users.

New features and improvements for Quest 3

Suggested Boundary

Quest 3 will automatically suggest a boundary to you based on the free space around you. You can edit the suggested boundary before accepting it. Suggested boundary will run anytime you launch an app and a boundary isn’t available in your space.

Assisted Space Setup

With this feature, your Quest 3 can run a quick 3D scan of your environment and automatically create a simple representation of the surfaces in your room, including walls, tables, and other furniture, so you won’t have to manually add them into your space. Assisted space setup will run automatically when you launch an app that uses mixed reality.

Battery Saver

An option that lets you improve the battery life of your device by lowering the graphics settings. You can find Battery Saver under Power in System Settings.

Shortcut to First Encounters

Meta added a shortcut to the introductory mixed reality experience First Encounters in selected Horizon Home environments.

General improvements

Remote Display

This app was previously only available for Meta Quest Pro and will roll out to Quest 2 and 3 over time.

Remote Display allows you to display your computer screen within VR. It thus copies the function of the popular VR app Virtual Desktop.

Avatar Legs

Your avatar now has legs in Horizon Home, which should be visible in the avatar mirror and to visitors.

Improved hand tracking in Mixed Reality

Meta has improved the way your hands appear while using passthrough, making it more comfortable to interact with panels and apps while in mixed reality.


New settings for software updates

Meta is changing the way you receive updates for Meta Quest. Automatic updates are disabled by default, and you will now be notified on your device when a software update is available. Alternatively, you can enable automatic updates.

Improved parent supervision tools

Parents can now access the Meta Family Center and all supervision tools directly in the Meta Quest app. Soon, you will also be able to set daily time limits and scheduled breaks for your children.

YouTube Live Chat

This feature is meant for streamers and creators and allows them to view YouTube's live chat in VR. Those interested will need to sign up online for Early Access.

Other new features

The People tab now displays the activities of your friends, as well as active call and app invitations that you can use to connect or play together.

In chat (VR or Meta Quest app), you can now add reactions to messages, send pictures, and use avatar stickers.

If you want to report a bug, you can now press the Meta button on your right touch controller five times in a row.

Meta has temporarily disabled the Mobile ASW feature for Quest Link (PC VR streaming) due to ongoing issues.

Full Release Notes

You can read the full release notes for Update 59 in the Meta Quest Release Notes.

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