Meta Quest Now Further Simplifies App Updates, Brings WiFi 6E Support to Quest Pro

Meta Quest Now Further Simplifies App Updates, Brings WiFi 6E Support to Quest Pro

Update 53 for Meta Quest brings a useful update feature, WiFi 6E support for Meta Quest Pro and more.


Update 53 is rolling out starting the week of April 27, 2023. As usual, it may take up to a week or more for the update to reach all users.

The last firmware update was Update 50, so Meta skipped a few numbers.

Let's move on to the features and enhancements of Update 53.

Update games and apps during shutting down

A few months ago, Meta introduced automatic updates during sleep mode. The idea was to prevent users from having to download and install updates the next time they put on their VR headset before they could launch their favorite apps.

Now Meta brings another improvement: When you shut down the VR headset, you have the option to delay the shutdown and let the system update all apps first. This should minimize the number of updates you have to perform the next time you boot the system up.


Stereo audio for video recordings

Videos are now recorded in stereo audio instead of monophonic. This will please Youtubers and those people who like to record their gaming experiences.

The camera settings introduced in Update 44 are also leaving the experimental settings and becoming a regular feature.


Parental Supervision: Content filter for Meta Quest Browser

The Parental Supervision tools introduced in Update 41 also get a new feature: Parents can use the companion app to activate content filters for the Meta Quest browser (e.g., adult content, drugs, weapons, etc.) to better protect their children from inappropriate content.

Wifi 6E support for Meta Quest Pro

Good news for Air-Link users: Half a year after its launch, support for the headset's Wifi-6E functionality is finally coming.


If you have a corresponding WiFi network at home, you can now connect to it for lower latency and more consistent download and upload speeds. And, of course, a better PC VR experience.


The update also brings:

  • Full support in the Meta Quest browser: Once logged in, you can access content, chat with friends, and subscribe to your favorite streamers.
  • Text readout on system keyboard: A readout will show up when you are using the system keyboard. This will allow you to quickly glance at what you’re typing in VR and make easy edits and should reduce eye and neck strain.
  • VR notification grouping: Multiple notifications from a specific app will now be grouped together, allowing you to more efficiently interact with them.
  • Select time zone and edit time:You will now be able to select the time zone on your headset and manually edit the displayed time. To do this, select the date at the top of the Quick Settings panel.

Full release notes

You can read the full release notes for Update 53 in the Meta Quest Release Notes.

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