Meta Quest: The hunt for vampires in Silent Slayer is available from today

Meta Quest: The hunt for vampires in Silent Slayer is available from today

Silent Slayer's Mixed Reality mode lets you turn your surroundings into a hideout for undead bloodsuckers. Hunt them in your own home.


Silent Slayer, the latest title from Schell Games, is now available for Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro. In the game, you take on the role of a vampire hunter who must eliminate a powerful vampire clan.

The vampires are too dangerous to attack directly, so you have to surprise them in their coffins. But they are secured with all kinds of locks, nails and magic. With surgical skill and as little noise as possible, players must overcome these barriers to drive a wooden stake through the sleeping vampire's heart.

A mysterious client who speaks through a book is on hand to help. He introduces you to the craft of vampire slaying and gives you instructions. You start with the smallest vampire and work your way up to the head of the clan, with the coffins getting trickier with each level.

Silent Slayer features a mixed reality mode where the coffins appear in the real world. The game costs 20 $.



Silent Slayer reimagines the vampire hunt

With its novel gameplay concept based on surgical interaction with objects, Silent Slayer could establish a new sub-genre in VR gaming. However, the concentration and precision required is not always an advantage. If you fail, it can be frustrating to have to fight your way through all the obstacles again.

On the other hand, the game scores with high production quality, an exciting storyline, and the satisfying feeling of having finally dealt the vampire a fatal blow.

It follows in the footsteps of popular vampire franchises like Castlevania or movies like Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman, which have transferred the genre to new media. Whether Silent Slayer will achieve a similar cult status remains to be seen.

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