Take a look at these beautiful spatial photos on your Meta Quest

Take a look at these beautiful spatial photos on your Meta Quest

Spatial photos look beautiful on Meta Quest. Today I publish a curated collection of nearly 250 photos from Croatia.

Spatial Video and Spatial Photo: These are Apple's new formats for stereoscopic video and photos. Viewed through an Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest, or other compatible VR headset, these videos and photos create an immersive depth effect.

Apple Vision Pro can capture both formats, while iPhone 15 Pro (Max) currently supports only spatial video capture.

The iOS app Spatialify allows users to take spatial photos with the new Pro models, and that's exactly what I've been doing with my iPhone 15 Pro since the beginning of 2024.

A collection of spatial photos from Croatia

I live on the southern coast of Croatia and have been photographing the region extensively for the past five months. This has resulted in hundreds of spatial photos. Today I am publishing a selection of these images so that you can download them and view them on your Meta Quest.

The spatial photos are organized chronologically, not thematically. So you may find yourself going back to the same place several times and seeing it on different days.

I have photographed the following areas in passing or on excursions and hikes:


  • Split and the Marjan peninsula and forest park
  • Nearby mountains: Kozjak, Omiška Dinara, Poljička planina
  • Landscapes, places, and beaches on the island of Brač
  • Dubrovnik
  • Ruins of Kupari
  • Brutalist architecture of Split

The spatial photos represent only a small part of Dalmatia and Croatia, but I plan to upload more photos of other locations in the future.

How to view the spatial photos

Unfortunately, Meta Quest is currently unable to display spatial photos out of the box.

I therefore use the paid VR app immerGallery to view spatial photos. The VR app is optimized for viewing all imaginable image formats in VR, but costs $20. There is a free demo version, but you can only view a maximum of ten of your own photos.

If you know of a better free solution, please send me an e-mail to tomislav at mixed.de.

There is a simple and a more complex method for loading the spatial photos onto Meta Quest and viewing them in immerGallery.

Via in-app download (simple):

  1. Open immerGallery.
  2. Go to the "Download" tab, select "shorturl.at" from the first drop-down menu, enter the shortcode "vHGez" and then select "Go".
  3. Once the images have been downloaded and unzipped (about 1,5 GB of disk space required), go to the "Local Gallery" tab and view the photos.

By sideloading (more complex):

  1. Download the images to your PC or Mac.
  2. Transfer the spatial photos via SideQuest and USB cable to the "Downloads" folder on your Meta Quest.
  3. Open immerGallery and go to the "Local Gallery" tab, where you should find the images.