These VR enthusiasts stream PS5 and Xbox games to their Meta Quest

These VR enthusiasts stream PS5 and Xbox games to their Meta Quest

Stream PS5 and Xbox games straight to a Quest Pro? These gamers have done it via sideloading.

Twitter user "Lost in Art & Magic" has managed to stream PS5 games in good quality to his Quest Pro after months of trial and error. He did it in two steps.

First, he downloaded an unofficial version of the Android app PSPlay and installed it on the VR headset via sideloading. He resorted to PSPlay because there are problems with Sony's official streaming app PS Remote Play. For example, the sound is missing, and the adaptive triggers do not work properly. With PSPlay, the picture is Full HD and runs at 60 hertz, as long as the right settings are selected.

Second, he connected the Dualsense controller to the Quest Pro with a USB cable. Wireless operation via Bluetooth caused issues with the button mapping.

He was then able to stream PS5 games over Wi-Fi to a virtual monitor in his Quest. According to Lost in Art & Magic, the described process works with Quest 1, 2, Pro and Pico 4.


Also works with Xbox

The successful test on the PS5 inspired VR enthusiast and Twitter user Stefan W. Maier to try the same on his Xbox. With success, as you can see in a Twitter video. According to him, he used the APK of the official Xbox app. He also managed to get Game Pass streaming to work.

Speaking of Game Pass and Quest, did you know that official Game Pass support for Quest devices has been announced almost a year ago? At Meta Connect 2022, Meta and Microsoft have announced a partnership that will include Xbox Cloud Gaming.

It's not clear what happened to those plans, or if they are still in the works. There has been no word from Meta since. Perhaps there will be news at the next Meta Connect in September.

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