Meta Quest Pro: Exclusive home environment looks magnificent

Meta Quest Pro: Exclusive home environment looks magnificent

Meta Quest Pro will probably get its own home environment. If you know how, you can have a look at it with Meta Quest 2.

The home environment shows a luxurious white rock building with a view of a mountain valley with cascades and waterfalls. A fireplace with seats, an artificial pond, and magical decorations complete the fantasy landscape.

Developer Basti564, who always finds and publishes interesting things in the Meta Quest firmware, discovered the environment. The leaked home environment, called Cascadia, should be just for Meta Quest Pro. According to Basti564, Meta Quest 2 contains code that prevents you from viewing the environment with the older VR headset.

Cascadia: home environment with extra details?

Is the launch environment modeled and textured in more detail than other home environments? It could be possible. After all, Meta Quest Pro could calculate about 30 percent faster than Meta Quest 2 and have twice as much RAM.

A Youtube video shot by Basti564 does not indicate this, even though Cascadia makes a beautiful impression. Basti564 thinks that it is one of the most beautiful home environments, with sharp textures even for foliage lying on the ground.

The firmware detective uploaded the environment so you can try it out for yourself. To do so, you need to install the beta version of not-yet-released firmware on Meta Quest 2, which the developer has also uploaded. Try it out at your own risk.


Meta Quest Pro is in the starting blocks

All indications point to Meta unveiling the Quest Pro at the Meta Connect 2022 keynote on October 11. It is expected to go on sale shortly thereafter.

The device, codenamed Project Cambria, introduces a new line of products: premium headsets aimed at enterprises, professionals, developers, and enthusiasts, optimized for work and productivity and virtual meetings. The price is not yet public, but likely enters the four-digit range.

New hardware features include pancake lenses, a slimmer form factor, a high-quality passthrough mode, and eye and face tracking for better social presence.

We have compiled all official info and rumors about the device in our info article about Meta Quest Pro.