Meta Quest had more than 6 million monthly active users, a report claims

Meta Quest had more than 6 million monthly active users, a report claims

Beat Saber has reportedly generated over $255 million in revenue and nearly 1.5 million active players.

These and other figures related to the Meta Quest ecosystem come from a report in the Wall Street Journal, which claims to have viewed secret documents.

The VR game is said to have generated $255 million in sales over its lifetime through October 2022, and was played monthly by 1.47 million active devices, the report claims.

The report suggests, but does not confirm, that these numbers are for Meta Quest alone. Beat Saber is available on multiple platforms, including non-Meta ones, and is currently being developed for Playstation VR 2. Meta acquired VR developer Beat Games in late 2019.

The company reported in October 2021 that Beat Saber had generated more than $100 million in revenue from Meta Quest alone.

Millions of monthly active Quest users

The report goes on to say that Beat Saber is one of 14 Quest games that have grossed more than $20 million. Meta gave an update on the state of the Quest ecosystem in March 2023, saying that the number of Quest games with $20 million in revenue had doubled from the previous year, but did not give a specific number.


The report also cites a statement from a Meta spokeswoman: As of February 2023, the number of apps that have made more than $1 million on Meta’s VR devices has surpassed 200, up 44% compared with the year prior. There are now more than 500 VR apps in the Meta Quest Store.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal, citing the documents mentioned above, claims that Meta Quest had 6.37 million monthly active players as of October 2022. Meta sold about 20 million Quest devices, according to a recent leak.

Valve's former VR ambassador Chet Faliszek recently spoke of a much lower monthly retention rate of under 10 percent, but did not cite a source for his claim.

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Sources: The Wall Street Journal