Meta wants to bring Quest headsets to your classroom

Meta wants to bring Quest headsets to your classroom

Meta will launch a new Quest product offering this year that is optimized for schools and educational purposes.


In a blog post, Meta announced a new product offering similar to Meta Quest for Business, but aimed at education.

It will give teachers, trainers, and administrators access to a range of education-specific applications and features, as well as the ability to manage multiple Quest devices simultaneously without having to update and prepare each headset individually. This is designed to save time and allows students to use the headsets right away.

The product name and features will be announced in the coming months. It will be available in the same countries as Meta Quest for Business. The target audience are institutions that teach students from the age of 13.


VR education has huge untapped potential

Meta writes that the new product is the result of extensive consultation and collaboration with educators, researchers and third-party developers working in the education space around the world.

"We want it to be something that makes it easier for students to learn, apply and practice new skills; feel a sense of presence with teachers and classmates; and to visit places or experience things that would otherwise be impossible," writes Nick Clegg, Meta's President of Global Affairs, in the blog post.


Meta sees potential in the market for VR educational products. By helping to spread the use of VR headsets in schools, the company is making it easier for developers of such apps to make money, which in turn will lead to more and better apps.

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