Meta Quest Browser gets performance boost and experimental PDF reader

Meta Quest Browser gets performance boost and experimental PDF reader

The Meta Quest browser is faster thanks to optimizations and receives an experimental PDF reader as a browser extension.


Meta continues to improve the Quest Browser. The latest update 32.3 makes the browser about 15 percent faster.

"From this version forward, we’re making the browser faster with a compiler optimization technique called Profile Guided Optimization (PGO). This technique makes the most performance critical parts of the code run faster," Meta writes in the release notes.

The improved New Tab Page, which includes faster load times and regional content, is no longer an experimental feature and is now available to all users.

Update 32.3 also brings a PDF Reader extension that can be downloaded from the extensions page, allowing users to view online PDF content. This feature is experimental and not available to all Quest users. Meta introduced browser extensions with the 32.2 update. The feature has been in beta since then.



Other features added in recent months

Since the release of Quest 3, Meta has invested more resources into the development of the Quest Browser. Over the past few months, more than half a dozen updates have been released, bringing new features and improvements.

I have already mentioned the implementation of browser extensions. Other new, partly experimental features of the last months are

  • For WebXR apps: Simultaneous hand and controller tracking as well as support for experimental body tracking
  • Browser tabs available across immersive apps
  • Improved fullscreen media experience
  • Persistent audio across tabs
  • WebGPU support

The Meta Quest Browser is a hugely popular app on Quest 3, which explains Meta's increased investment.

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