Meta Quest 3: The VR game "Wanderer" features stunning graphics

Meta Quest 3: The VR game

In Wanderer you travel through time. The remake looks stunning and could set a new standard for graphics on standalone devices.

Imagine traveling from one era to the next with the help of a magical watch to steer humanity's destiny in the right direction at crucial historical moments. You find yourself in the bodies of contemporaries and take on different identities, similar to the 90's TV series "Quantum Leap".

This is exactly what the VR game Wanderer: Fragments of Fate is all about. Your time travels will take you to an ancient temple, Nikola Tesla's workshop, the Woodstock stage, and even the moon. You will be accompanied by a talking watch named Samuel, who will guide you wherever you go and help you solve intricate puzzles.

Wanderer: Revamped for next-gen VR

The original was released in early 2022 for Playstation VR and PC VR, and received little attention. The 2024 remake takes the VR game to a new level in terms of graphics and gameplay, giving it a new chance on next-gen VR headsets like Playstation VR 2 and Meta Quest 3.

New features include full-body avatars, greater freedom of movement (swimming, jumping, crawling, climbing, and more), a realistic physics simulation, a new combat system, larger worlds and three all-new destinations to visit. And, of course, improved graphics across the board.

Comparison image: A female NPC with background. Above PSVR 1, below PSVR 2.

A huge leap in visual quality and fidelity. | Image: Mighty Eyes

On Playstation VR 2, the remake supports advanced haptic effects and eye tracking, so you can wink at yourself in the mirror. The image above shows the huge graphical difference between the PSVR 1 and PSVR 2 version.

Meta Quest 3 vs. PSVR 2: Trailers show graphical differences

In addition to Playstation VR 2, Wanderer will also be released for Meta Quest, Pico and PC VR headsets on Steam. Yesterday, the studio released a new trailer showing gameplay with Quest 3 graphics. The details and lighting, especially indoors, are impressive and could compete with the graphics benchmark Red Matter 2.


An older trailer from the summer shows the exact same scenes with PSVR 2 graphics. So you can compare the visual differences directly.

In my opinion, the videos show that the graphical gap between the standalone Meta Quest and the console-driven PSVR 2 is narrowing. The new Meta Quest 3 chipset enables impressive visuals, and developers have only just begun to use its power.

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